What Command Line needed to create "Default partition schema" on a disk?


What Command Line is needed to create “Default partition schema” on a disk, the same as the clr-installer would create?

I connected a secondary fresh new SSD to a SATA port 2 (same model/size)

I boot my clear-30800-live-server installed on SATA Port 1, is only a command line, no GUI.

I 'd like to create the “Default partition schema” on the new SATA disk.
Same as what the installer would create:

Destructive Automatic

Default partition schema

Then use perhaps Rsync to copy the / root partition to the new SSD on port 2 /dev/sdb3.

dd command not working well as it clones the Disk Identifier and all the UUID’s, PARTUUID’s.

Later Rsync or alternative, can keep root /sdb3 updated incrementally as a backup allowing later easy switch to this Port 2 SSD and boot if /dev/sda fails.

Try clonezilla. At least it should be able to clone your root partition very efficiently. The swap partition can be manually created and then enable it. For the boot partition, I don’t know.

Hi Clonezilla also clones UUID and it created the same issues as dd.

Okay, I recall that I had once change UUID in Gparted, you can try that.

So even if a volume cannot be mounted because of UUID name conflicts, Gparted still detects it and I think the entry to generate a UUID is in the right-click menu.