Manual Partition (Advanced Options) Trouble

I’m hoping I’m asking the right question here.

Short version.

In the latest Server Version iso, I don’t have the option to manually partition my drives (at least where it is easily detected). If there is a way to manually partition please advise.

I’ve downloaded the latest Server iso (minimal) installer. When I go to Advanced Option for choosing destination disk for install, I noticed that I am not offered a manual config option for partitions. Only automatic. The automatic option only lets me configure two different changes before it locks me out of making any more changes.

This would not be a major issue if the cgdisk config seetings I made could somehow be applied during the install process.

Is there another script that avoids the tui gui altogether. I have two disk I want to utilize 1) SDA for boot & root. 2) SDB for Home and Swap

I also posted on Reddit

The desktop live CD comes with GUI installer. But the server live CD is in text mode. You may give that a try.

I also remember people saying that you can install the entire system via ‘swups’ on IRC Chanel and you may go there for help as well.

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I’m trying to install utilizing two disk. I have a server edition and I’m very comfortable using the tui. My problem is I’m not able to manually partition using clr-installer

Would be awesome to get a work around or something…

For a work-around, I’d suggest installing Clear Linux on the drive you want to keep for / (root) and /boot, and add a small swap partition as well. Once you have an installed, functional system, map your home directory to /dev/sdb and then make it permanent by updating fstab.

There was a similar question asked on the ubuntu forums that I found here:

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Thanks TomL I’ll try that.