Where is NTFS3?

I can’t mount my ntfs drives with NTFS3, only with ntfs-3g fuse. Is there a bundle that I have to download ?


Try :

sudo swupd bundle-add ntfs-utilities

Try with:

sudo swupd bundle-add storage-utils

It does not exist.

sudo swupd bundle-add ntfs-utilities
Loading required manifests…
Warning: Bundle “ntfs-utilities” is invalid, skipping it…
Failed to install 1 of 1 bundles

It’s already installed. Putting in fstab or trying to mount to NTFS3 (and not ntfs-3g) doesn’t work at all, as if it doesn’t exist.

How do you try to mount it??

Like this?

/dev/NTFS-part		/mnt/windows	ntfs-3g	defaults	0	0

Well yes but I’m talking about NTFS3 and not ntfs-3g which are different things. ntfs-3g works but not NTFS3

It does not include in the initrd. It does not compile by default.

You can check it: linux/config at 551f0d9d6a2679db0bdb6cd0f9692bfcc5cacd02 · clearlinux-pkgs/linux · GitHub at line 9451

# CONFIG_NTFS3_FS is not set
# CONFIG_NTFS_FS is not set

If you want to include it, you should modify and compile it.

How do I do this ? I’m new on linux I just tested Arch before and I used NTFS3 without issues. Do you have any tutorial or ressources so that I can do this ?

You could follow this guide: Kernel development — Documentation for Clear Linux* project