Which of our channels are you using?

  • Youtube
  • Twitter
  • IRC
  • Mailing list
  • Github
  • Other (please, reply to describe)

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Can I suggest adding a web chat option like gitter? IRC is complicated for people new to the internet. You can link the gitter and IRC rooms together to make it nice.


Seems like there should be a Reddit subgroup too. I go to Reddit for a lot of programming/IT community stuff. I can’t believe there isn’t a reddit page for clear linux

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There is a /r/ClearLinux

Touchè I’ve already posted to it :grimacing::joy::rofl:

I wouldn’t be surprised if more Youtube videos show up soon :smile:

There is also a Slack channel, but it’s very rarely used.

For those who want to join the Slack channel :


Like I said, it’s not actively being used…

I see…

But we can change that :wink:

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I ticked “Other” because I’m thinking of this web site as a channel…