Official Discord Server

Please create an official discord server. :slight_smile: It’s a way better alternative to forums, which I personally dislike. :smiley:



Why do you dislike forums? Can you explain a little more? I’d love learning your point of view.


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Note: for live text chat we have a very active IRC channel on freenode: #clearlinux

I don’t see a reason why people can’t create an unofficial discord server, but, we’re OSS developers and we don’t like non-OSS platforms, like discord. So while we have nothing against folks creating and discussing Clear Linux OS on any platform (open or closed), it’s unlikely that we will choose a closed source platform if open platforms exist that fill similar use cases.


Am I okay to post this link to my unofficial Clear Linux discord in here? I looked around but couldn’t find one so I made this even though I’m a CL noob myself


Yes, absolutely. Keep it linked here and perhaps make a separate forum post with it, too.

so I assume you’re convinced of the value of chatrooms as a use case different from forums (lower bar for pointing simple questions in the right direction, when one doesn’t even know what term to search, and doesn’t want to spam a forum with “what does this mean?” insert phone screenshot of boot error. among others.)

so I’ll stick to IRC vs. Discord. IRC is effectively defunct and dead (95% user loss) for good reasons. see the 8 features IRC is still missing listed here. on top of that I’ll add:

  1. if you want your OS to be accessible to end users, make your chatroom accessible to end users
  2. lack of searchable history (help users find repeat answers)
  3. lack of integrated room structure. well organised discord servers have multiple channels in different categories (#dev, #dev-public, #support, etc.). IRC can create multiple rooms, but without a built in structure, you’re left pointing to them in your topic, easy to miss, and unmanageable for any decent number. most projects stick to 1 room, shoving all conversation into #general with no clear guidelines for behaviour (”can I ask a question?”). discord servers often have an entire channel for rules, while allowing multiple important messages to be pinned to the top of each channel.
  4. lack of good mobile client. just spent the better part of my day trying to set one up with a decent list of channels on auto-join (handled by default on discord), paid $6 for an app, got banned from freenode and ##linux and still don’t have a working solution. so I’m giving up. I used mIRC back in the day, so I’m more familiar than most.

hope that helps. if you want to see an example of an open source grassroots community using discord in a variety of ways (discussing dev, testing releases, following events) check out Leela Chess Zero (discord invite =, can you invite to an IRC room with a direct web link? no, don’t think “irc://” counts. forgive the lack of link, I’m limited to 2 links per post as a new user to this forum).

P.S. reading about Mozilla’s move away from IRC (hub.packtpub.c0m/mozilla-announces-final-four-candidates-that-will-replace-its-irc-network/amp/) stumbled on Zulip (zulipchat.c0m/for/open-source) which targets FOSS features and communities, offering their commercial hosting for free (selfhosting also available)

quassel, znc, irssi, hexchat… Quassel is even available for free on mobile (I even use it). All of these are also available in clearlinux itself. If you really have issues joining freenode, try the webchat client they have on their website first.

Note someone made an unofficial discord - I suggest joining it and growing that user group.


I like the IRC channel, but sometimes it looks very inactive…

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Exactly. Lots of dev’s here, not so many in there, if any. To me, that’s a bit counterproductive and @wakamex summed it up pretty well why.