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Of course, if we can find a reputable bot to do so. Though, iirc, the Matrix community is already bridged to the IRC, and the IRC is bridged to the discord, so they do get the discord messages in Matrix, albeit a little misformatted.

Is that a bigger community than Linux Questions Forum or Forum?

Have you looked into the Discourse Chat Plugin as an option?

For some serious engagement, check out Stack Overflow’s Collectives offer.

@pixelgeek, oh, I was in that matrix group. Maybe it’s time to revive it with a bridge. Hope to play with it next weekend :ghost:

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Is that a bigger community than Linux Questions Forum or Forum ?

I’m unsure how that is relevant, since this isn’t a sub-forum on either of those forums, but completely and wholly separate.

But to answer your other question - it is decently sized. The Ubuntu discord server is ~15,000 members, Mint is ~5,000, OpenSuse is ~4,000, Fedora is ~14,000, and the Intel discord is ~27,000 members. A decent amount of activity if only a small percentage join and engage in the Clear Linux discord.

More users online in one server than the 235 online on the forums,

Can’t get a good comparison to the Linux Questions Forum forums as it seems to only count the total number of user accounts - and seems to include members who just made an account, asked a question once and never came back. A metric not easily tracked within discord.

Have you looked into the Discourse Chat Plugin as an option?

No, at a glance it doesn’t look very competitive with other options, and per my previous reply, I’m specifically looking to leverage existing Intel resources and existing communities, not create a chat room off of discourse that barely anyone will use. There’s no incentive to get people to move off of existing platforms and make a new account on a new forum and then remember to participate.

Those are distros aiming at desktop linux, not cloud / container.

So we’d have to compare with the direct competitors :

  • RancherOS discord, 8100 members.
  • Alpine Linux - discord, 860 members
  • openSUSE MicroOS - uses the general openSUSE discord, 3330 Members
  • Fedora Core OS / Silverblue - no seperate discord, just the main one
  • Ubuntu Core - no seperate discord, just the main one
  • SmartOS - no discord
  • Photon OS - no discord
  • Flatcar Container Linux - no discord

Very easy to track with Discourse indeed.

That’s exactly what 2000+ members here did.

Depends on the time of day.

You omitted my last suggestion, the Stack Overflow Collectives option.

Compared to the amount and quality of discord members in Linux forums, the amount of SO members in the Serverfault / Super User / Linux groups are a multiple of that.

For your info, Stack Overflow has over 14 million verified members.

A short introduction :

My last suggestion is to consult with @jonobacon again, for some solid advice.

@businex - all good points, and we could debate what the best approach would be for a long time. However, given that Gorian is willing and able to stand up and support a Discord server, and has links with other Intel Discord servers, I don’t see any issue with putting this in place. I don’t know how busy it will get, but we won’t know until we try. It may even end up driving more traffic to the forums.

We will NOT deprecate the forums in favor of discord as long as I’m around.

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@Gorian I installed Discord and logged in. How can I join the Intel servers including CL? Sorry if this is a dumb question to ask :blush:

Not dumb at all! You can join the Intel discord at Intel Insiders Community. We are actually not quite ready to publicly invite people to the discord yet, but we’ll post the link when we are :slight_smile: In the mean time, feel free to reach out to me on the Intel discord, and maybe you can come help us get everything smoothed out beforehand


Once you reach 500 members on Discord, Server Insights becomes available :

Yup! They gate a lot of stuff by membership count. But once we get verified, we bypass a lot of that.

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Thanks @Gorian. I have some free time Friday and will join the server. :+1:

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Telegram also can be a good alternative with their “topic” chat.