Why does it take more than an hour to install devpkg-metrics-discovery?

To run pyenv without errors all of these bundles are required; devpkg-ncurses sqlite devpkg-openssl tcl-basic devpkg-readline devpkg-bzip2 devpkg-sqlite-autoconf devpkg-libffi devpkg-xz user-basic-dev

I have a 1gbps fibre internet connection. It takes more than an hour to install all of these. Does anyone know why it takes that long?

The user-basic-dev is a huge bundle by itself, with many sub-bundles.

Have you considered Miniconda?


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Thanks @marioroy for the explanation. I will try miniconda.

Minoconda works a treat. No need for the mess with pyenv. Thanks @marioroy :+1:

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