Will Chromium browser come to flatpak(flathub)?


So, Google Chromium is present in Snap.
And this seems more properly than having it as native package. Google Chromium wants access to sensitive resources like rawusb slots/plugs in Snap terms. Thus we should pray for correct Chromium code which protects us from remote uncontrolled access to USB.

But in Snap/Flatpak we have custom sandbox environment.

I would also like to see Microsoft Edge added when a Linux version is released.

It might be a good idea to request this on flathub’s github project. It may already have been requested, as well.

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If it isn’t sarcasm :sweat_smile: then it’s useless idea, because:

Microsoft declined own original “EdgeHTML” and “Chakra” engines. Since 2019 MS Edge was rebuilt as a Chromium-based browser.

Thus, MS Edge is just “rigging” above Chromium (that based on WebKit engine originated by Apple Inc.)

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I wasn’t being sarcastic. Microsoft Edge is a lot more than just “rigging” or a skin on top of Chromium. Its based on Chromium, but it is its own browser. Microsoft says it plans to introduce a Linux version in the near future.

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Then ok!
Honestly, I agree the user interface is Microsoft’s best side, otherwise they weren’t market winners.

Moreover. Chromium is a part of 01.org (Intel Open Source Voices portal) where Chromium presents. And why is FireFox not presented as flatpak? I don’t want to use any browser as a native package.