Will CL use Gnome 45?

It seems that Gnome 45 will use the ECMAScript 6. First of all, is this right? Second, should I be prepared for CL updating to Gnome 45 any time soon? I believe that these means that most of the extensions will break, right?

Yes, GNOME45 is released today. And yes, Gnome 45 will be coming to Clear Linux, but we tend to take a more reserved approach to these releases and wait until the dust settles a bit before jumping in. It looks like Fedora is planning on rolling out Fedora 39 towards the end of October with GNOME 45. And yes, GNOME extensions will have to be ported for 45, but I’m seeing reports that many extensions have already made the needed changes.
Personally, as a long time Barrier user, I’m looking forward to the support for input-leap with Wayland :slight_smile:

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I was looking for a similar solution.

Their Github seems to be not updated for over a year.

Are you using a different fork?

The maintainers of Barrier have forked to a new project - input-leap - See Active Barrier maintainers have moved here · Issue #1414 · input-leap/input-leap (github.com)