Workabout Way to Get Chrome Working

I got chrome working on Clear Linux, simply put its not the most ideal way but non the less it works.

Downloaded Official .rpm from Google
Extracted Contents of .rpm
Moved Contents into folder named Google Chrome created in Main Home dir.
Used Gnome-Terminal cd into /home/username/Google Chrome/opt/google/chrome
executed ./google-chrome from Terminal

Everything works including Extensions, Netflix, etc. The one think I noted was fonts are not system fonts. Not ideal way to get Chrome but working non the less.

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Seems it wont locate the default font config

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There’s a script to install/update chrome in one of the GitHub issues.


As I described in this tutorial, you can get the fonts working in Google Chrome (and any Chromium based browser) by executing in a terminal

sudo f=/etc/environment; s='export FONTCONFIG_PATH=/usr/share/defaults/fonts'; touch $f; if ! grep -q "$s" $f; then echo $s >> $f; fi

obviously type your admin password to obtain root privileges. :smile:


Ok thank you much appreciated