WPS Office not opening

I’ve tried to install the WPS, and everything installs “correctly” but then nothing happens when I try to open Word/Spreadsheet/Presentation.

If I try to launch from command line, nothing happens, no error no software nothing…

flatpak run com.wps.Office

I opened the System Monitor and I can see the process WPS opening but the window simply doesn’t show any ware, it doesn’t show on the Activities nor on a different desktop, very weird…

Really clueless of what could be wrong.

I appreciate if you can help on this.

Took a picture of the process details, it seems to be “running” but the window doesn’t open at all:


For flatpak apps, the best place to go for support is to the projects’ flathub repo:

Also, run the program from a command line - it may just tell you what is wrong.

I know this may not be super helpful in terms of actually getting wps office to work, but if you unable to get it to work and are looking for an office alternative that is not necessarily open source, I have had a good experience with Softmaker FreeOffice. It installed in CL correctly and easily from a tar.gz file. It also has very good compatibility with ms office which was a requirement for my use case.

Thanks jaygambrel, it seems there’s something wrong with the current version (wps-office_11.1.0.9126.XA_amd64), I changed Linux distro to Lubuntu and it has the exact same issue, it simply does not open. So I went back one WPS version (wps-office_11.1.0.8865_amd64) and then installed the new one on top, this seems to work.

Anyway, I uninstalled Clear Linux, it wasn’t as stable as I was hoping for, maybe in a few years with more development it will be ready for general use, I really don’t have too much time to tinker with the distro to make it work properly.

Thanks for the suggestion thou.


You guys do know we ship LibreOffice in clearlinux, right? I mean, …

Hi ahkok, yes, I know, but I really don’t like the interface, I used Libre for a while but after using the WPS the interface is much more modern… just preferences, thanks for you reply.

Yes, thanks ahkok. I am aware as well. I use it often, but there are some cases where it does not handle ms office created content very well at all. I use softmaker office in those cases where compatibility is a must. Also I find the interface more modern and easier to navigate. Simple preference as well.