Wrong dates on Clear Linux updates index

The Clear Linux updates index site reports almost always March 30th 2022 for every update

The releases index isn’t affected

Temporary hiccup? Looks OK to me now…


The issue looks specific to /update/… The timestamps in /releases/ look okay to me, too.

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It could be that the index pages for many of /update/ subdirectories were the only files that had altered timestamps.

For example, if you check the update content for an older release, say 28030, notice that the index page’s timestamp is 30-Mar-2022 13:28 but the remaining content in the tree have timestamps from the date 26-Feb-2019.

@pixelgeek You’re looking at the /releases/ index

It’s the /update/ index that is affected

Gotcha. Is this causing any functional issues for you? Or is this just cosmetic?

This is just cosmetic