Xeon W3520 support


I have a Xeon W3520 processor in my main desktop. Unfortunately it is a bit old to support the “Carry-less Multiplication extensions” … is there any workaround to this? It supports all the other requirements …

I really don’t want to have to upgrade to a W3670/80/90 CPU to run Clear Linux (I am just a poor pensioner ) :slight_smile:

Many Thanks

This is a CPU from 2009. Our supported CPU’s are (as far as I know) all 2011 and newer. This one is not supported, sorry. The check is correct.

Actually I found a W3670 for $25US on ebay, so will grab that … thanks anyway …

By the way, very impressed with the speed, even running live USB … (on a laptop with modern CPU)

I’m a bit hesitant to say that that one is supported, but, it’s listed as westmere on https://ark.intel.com/ so I guess it’s worth the try - please do report back though!

I have read someone else using it with Clear Linux, all they had to do was install the latest bios … so hopefully will be ok …