41300 or 41270?

Latest says 41300, yet the latest I can get is 41270. What gives??

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sudo swupd update --version=<desired_version>

The intent was to use Gnome 46 with auto-update from 41270 to 41300.

@pixelgeek Any clue on when auto-update would happen from 41270 to 41300?

dad@DadsGram~ $ sudo swupd update --version=41300
Update started
Version on server (41270) is not newer than system version (41270)
Update complete - System already up-to-date at version 41270

41300 has not been officially released.

Then this must be a mistake, right?

How are you determining 41300 is the latest version?

sudo swupd check-update says 41270. If you are looking at Index of /current/, that list is comprised of released and unreleased versions.

@mfdemicco What intrigues… swupd info shows URL that has 41300 at the top. There could be symlinks yet to point to 41300 for updates to go through swupd.

No, that is not where you look. This is where you look for the latest released version.

I see the same. Apparently, we’re being blocked by some build server maintenance. Should be resolved later today.

Apologies for the delay.


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Looks like swupd just updated to 41300 for me.


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Time to close this discussion. Received an update and it works as before.

Now it looks like it’s reverted back to 41230 :blush:

Guys, what’s going on?

Alright, now it’s 41350. Awesome job, guys! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

There was a nasty bug discovered in the rollout of 41340. The reversion to 41230 may have been a temporary artifact as the rollout of 41340 was stopped, and before 41350 was released.