Any suggestions for running a Minecraft Server?

The last time I ran a Minecraft Server, it was using Spigot and on ubuntu 14-whatever. When I recently tried Clear on my new AMD laptop, I was super impressed. Moreso after switching from Clear to kubuntu :confused: since it is so slow.

So I’m thinking of giving Clear a go on a core i3 server at work…

Looks like pterodactyl is the management tool to use. Its dependencies seem simple enough:

  • PHP 7.2
  • Redis server
  • Docker
  • Webserver (nginx or apache)
  • And a JDK of some kind

pterodactyl documentation expects systemd, so that’s a bonus. :slight_smile: On my Clear OS experiment, I installed PHP, Apache, and mariaDb.

Does anything pop up that says don’t do this?


Nope. I don’t see why you shouldn’t. I used to run one myself for my kids and myself, but it’s been a while ago (bukkit was it at the time). Don’t play MC anymore, though, I left to join Minetest efforts instead.

I’m not sure why you would need pterodactyl, though. Setting up php+nginx isn’t that complex. But why do you need a webserver to run an MC server instance? All you need is sudo swupd bundle-add java-basic to run the server jar. Or did I miss anything in your reply that would force all those web requirements?

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All that other stuff is if I use pterodactyl to manage it. Looks like it does lots of magic.

Or I’ll just do like last time and make a Spigot user and blah blah. Their toolchain hopefully has gotten better. Spigot forked from Bukkit and was pretty new on the scene when I ran my server.


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