Applications menu error after removal of desktop-autostart bundle

I installed CL recently. The first impressions are very positive at least.

During the system configuration, I installed the desktop-autostart bundle (bundle-add). Since I didn’t like the result, I uninstalled it (bundle-remove). Unfortunately, the Applications menu became corrupted. Each time I press the Applications icon, the message appears:

 Failed to load the applications menu.
 File "menus/" not found.

and the system freezes.

I would appreciate very much your help.

What desktop environment do you have?

Thank you for your reply. I am using xfce4.

Please note, I tried “swupd diagnose” and no error identified.

You can file a bug report on GitHub. But for now you can add desktop-autostart back.

Is there any reason why you don’t want desktop-autostart?

I am not sure concerning the bug; maybe I made a mistake.

Upon bundle-add desktop-autostart, more than 800 MB packages installed and the desktop changed its look-and-feel completely. In addition, after its removal, the same numerical simulation (my primary interest) run more than 2% faster.

The bundle install GDM and you are likely to be brought into Gnome instead of xfce4.

Gnome does use more system resources than xfce4. But how many times have you benchmarked the difference in your numerical simulation? Is the 2% difference consistent or due to other random factors like your local temperature or even voltage stability?

If the difference is persistent, then you’s better uninstall any desktop environment, that’d be even faster.

You are right. However, I would like to recreate the state before the desktop-autostart bundle addition, if possible.

Desktop autostart includes desktop which includes a number of other bundles. Removing desktop-autostart does not remove the includes added from it today so you’ll have to go through and manually swupd bundle-remove things that are likely impacting you (I’d start with desktop desktop-apps desktop-gnomelibs desktop-assets desktop-locales and see how that goes, some of those might not be removable because they are used by other bundles on your system though).

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I have successfully uninstalled desktop; desktop-apps; desktop-assets; and desktop-locales. However, desktop-gnomelibs is used by 15 other bundles, and hence unavailable.

Referring to a Bundle List, too much bundles are included and inter-related. It seems that a clean install is a more feasible solution.

Thank you very much for your kind assistance.

@RobyK, did you get a chance to read this thread on the forum?

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Thank you, TomL. Unfortunately, the lightdm bundle didn’t help.