Autospec and Cargo

I tried autospec’ing mesa with the parameter nouveau to -Dvulkan-drivers= under configure in order to fix this issue CS2 on Steam cannot be opened · Issue #3129 · clearlinux/distribution · GitHub.

However, I’m unable to autospec locally as the process is summoning cargo to download some subprojects, I came across syn in my build, but I’m expecting four more as per this merge Here is my build.log

How can I create a vendor archive with cargo as per the options.conf? Or is there a workaround for this when building locally?

Install cargo with :

swupd bundle-add rust-utils

Clone the Mesa repo :

git clone

Go into the Mesa repository and type :

cargo vendor

This will download all dependencies specified in Cargo.toml and create a vendor directory containing the source code for those dependencies.

After creating the vendor archive, you should be able to build Mesa locally.

Make sure to include the vendor directory in your build configuration.

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