Can Intel offer a paid version of Clear Linux?

  • I like to pay for what I use

  • there is a limited amount of development/maintenance/support. If development/maintenance/support is not compensated for, eventually it runs out.

  • users of processors should not be required to pay for Clear Linux

I was a BeOS user back in the 90’s. Back in the day, if you had a question, you were often routed to one of the software engineers who worked on the code. (I don’t recall ever paying for BeOS.) It would be interesting if Intel offered some kind of paid subscription that entitled Clear Linux users to a very high level of support, but I don’t see that ever happening.

Not sure I understand what you mean by “users of processors should not be required to pay for Clear Linux.”

Are the people working on clear linux doing it for free?

BTW, many Linux distros offer paid versions. Some examples:

  • elementary os
  • pop! os
  • zorin os

Yet another nearly identical pro version probably doesn’t worth the electricity and networking bills, even Red Hat figured it out.

You can get the commercial support, check homepage.

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