Cannot boot into Live USB with different results

Hello, I installed Clear Linux a little more than a week ago. After that I decided to try Manjaro Deepin. I want to install Clear Linux again so I downloaded the .iso image provided on the website (Desktop option). When I boot into the USB drive (which is in UEFI mode) I always see the option to boot into Clear Linux, after that I got 3 different results depending on the machine and how I created the USB drive.

  1. When I use Deepin Boot Maker on my laptop I get an error that CL cannot find installer.
  2. When using dd on my laptop I just see a black screen after the option to boot CL.
  3. When using dd the installer complains about some encryption error on my desktop.

Is the .iso image working for others and if so, what may be the problem?

It was a faulty USB after all, I just installed Clear and everything is ok. :smiley:

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