Cassandra & python 2.7


I am trying to run cassandra on CLR, my first attempt was just run it with docker from docker hub

However, I got the error:
No appropriate python interpreter found.
on step 2 of Deploy with Docker section.

It seems like this container image has default-provided Python 3 and according to C* docums, cqlsh is compatible only with Python 2.7

If that’s the case, is it possible to tweak this container image to include only python 2.7 so cqlsh runs?

Thank you!

Long story short.

  1. Python 2 is near EOL and it’s very not likely it would ever be added to a docker image.
  2. cql relies on Apache Thrift, which explicitly relies on Python 2.7. Therefore porting it is nearly impossible.

Solution: Forget about Cassandra and find some reasonable replacement.

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uhm, ok. I guess the clr/cassandra docker image could be removed as it doesn’t and won’t ever work. Right?

We are avoiding removing content earlier than we have advertised to the community but yes that’s likely to be the end result.


People had been asking for porting Thrift as early as 2013. If their developers just don’t want to listen to the community, it is a very bad sign for the product.