Cisco AnyConnect VPN and RSA SecurID

Using the VPN settings in Gnome from a Fedora machine previously, I was able to select a token mode of RSA SecurID (manually entered) from the drop down. This is not available in Clear Linux. I’ve not been able to find a relevant package through swupd to enable this. Is there a bundle that I could install that would allow me to use this token mode with network manager and the VPN configuration?

I started looking at this a bit. It looks like libstoken may be needed to make the graphical part of it work properly. I’ll poke more later.

So, I recompiled openconnect and NetworkManager-openconnect plugin with libstoken as a buildtime and runtime requirement which made RSA SecurID appear as a token option in gnome-control-center.

libstoken isn’t packaged by CL, yet. I’ll submit to get it added.


@orsetto_bruno it’s showing up for me as of CL version 29930. Update and give it a try.