VPNC binary missing

As a new clear user I’m wondering if i can use vpnc to connect to Cisco vpn’s? The network-manager allows to setup the connection but it seems that the vpnc binary is missing. Any advice on this?

The network-basic bundle has openconnect which should work to connect to Cisco SSLVPN. Can you try that?

Hi puneetse and thanx for your fast response. Unfortunately the router I want to connect to (fritzbox) only provides IPSec with ESP, IKEv1 and Pre-Shared Keys. I could port forward to my server and there run a vpn-server but i like the standalone connectivity without being dependent on other hardware. Would it be possible to install the vpnc binary by myself? I found it here: https://pkgs.org/download/vpnc


I understand your original point about CL having the NetworkManager-vpnc plugin, but not vpnc itself now. That is odd and I’ve opened an issue on GitHub to discuss:https://github.com/clearlinux/distribution/issues/786. Please feel free to add any additional information.

Binaries compiled for other distros aren’t guaranteed to work on CL.
You could compile and install locally:

swupd bundle-add c-basic

git clone https://github.com/streambinder/vpnc.git
cd vpnc/
make && sudo make install

Keep in mind that this software won’t be managed by CL and may get deleted if you use swupd verify.

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Hi puneetse!

Thanx for your help! I must say this is the most friendly and helpful community I saw in the linux eco-system by far ( do you know arch :wink: For me as mid-experienced linux user, linux it not a religion or a livestyle but more a working base. I want to get my work done and the os is my tool.

But anyway, you’re totally right that compiling it by myself is the best solution until it may get upstreamed.

Thanx for your help!


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