VPN Setup broken


maybe this should be opened at the github issue tracker but I wanted to ask here first.

Since the big update to Gnome 43 I can’t use the NetworkManager-GUI to setup a VPN anymore.
It doesn’t matter which kind of VPN.

Here you can see that some parts of the VPN editor can’t be loaded:
Screenshot from 2022-10-03 16-48-03

Also, when you switch in the “IPv6” section and try to change anything, the GUI just crashes.

Do I have to migrate something to make it work again?
Can you reproduce these issues?

Thank you!

Also problem to access vpn by systemctl manually after upgrade.

might be related to GTK4

Like here: https://github.com/danfruehauf/NetworkManager-ssh/pull/110

Did the clear linux devs build all the vpn plugins against GTK4?