L2TP IPsec VPN connection

Hello! I decided to try Clear Linux and got a problem setting up the VPN connection for work.
We have l2tp ipsec network.
Earlier I set it up on Arch and Fedora. For Fedora it works out of the box, there are strongswan and networkmanager-l2tp included, for Arch I installed some packages for it to work.
So I need help. :slight_smile:
I used network manager to create a connection. All parameters are: gateway, username, password,

I tried to connect and got “Connection failed” and something like “directory /etc/ipsec.d/ not found” in a log. I created directory and recreated connection. File ipsec.nm-l2tp.secrets appeared in it.

Now I get:
Apr 25 19:33:07 clear-m addconn[12136]: cannot load config ‘/etc/ipsec.conf’: can’t load file ‘/etc/ipsec.conf’
Apr 25 19:33:07 clear-m systemd[1]: Failed to start Internet Key Exchange (IKE) Protocol Daemon for IPsec.

Can anyone help me?

IPSEC support is unconfigured. You will need to create the necessary configuration files yourself. I have no idea how, though. Use online guides to figure this out.

Thanks I’ll try next time I will have a time

I would advise using Nord VPN or Express.

Hey all,

I also have this problem and really would like to use the integrated VPN system in order to connect to my workplace. Is there any chance that this will be added in the future? I need to have a vpn connection with a pre-shared key over L2TP IPsec.

Hi, I am successfully using L2TP VPN with Windows on the server side. I have configured it with strong encryption (AES-256) and everything is working well. If there is interest I can create a new topic with all the configuration steps. As mentioned by @ahkok the packages are unconfigured but it all works when properly set up.

@ahkok are there any plans to add SSTP clients as well (sstpc and networkmanager-sstp)? That would be great!

Thanks, yeah I would really like to see what you did!

I have created a new topic describing the steps here: My L2TP VPN Setup

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