L2TP IPsec VPN connection

Hello! I decided to try Clear Linux and got a problem setting up the VPN connection for work.
We have l2tp ipsec network.
Earlier I set it up on Arch and Fedora. For Fedora it works out of the box, there are strongswan and networkmanager-l2tp included, for Arch I installed some packages for it to work.
So I need help. :slight_smile:
I used network manager to create a connection. All parameters are: gateway, username, password,

I tried to connect and got “Connection failed” and something like “directory /etc/ipsec.d/ not found” in a log. I created directory and recreated connection. File ipsec.nm-l2tp.secrets appeared in it.

Now I get:
Apr 25 19:33:07 clear-m addconn[12136]: cannot load config ‘/etc/ipsec.conf’: can’t load file ‘/etc/ipsec.conf’
Apr 25 19:33:07 clear-m systemd[1]: Failed to start Internet Key Exchange (IKE) Protocol Daemon for IPsec.

Can anyone help me?

IPSEC support is unconfigured. You will need to create the necessary configuration files yourself. I have no idea how, though. Use online guides to figure this out.

Thanks I’ll try next time I will have a time

I would advise using Nord VPN or Express.