Clear Linux repository rsync down

Hello, as of recently I have been unable to rsync from the Clear Linux repository.

In the past I used and have recently tried cdn and but none of them appear to work.

Is there a new rsync location we can use for Clear Linux releases?

Our CDN solution recently changed and I think this was an unintended casualty. The devops team will look at what is needed to get this back up, but it will be a few days I think.

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Hey @crumbly,

Recently we had an infrastructure change to help us scale content delivery so, as of today, download., cdn. and cdn-alt.* are all pointing to the same backend that does not support rsync.

The work on re-structuring the backend haven’t finish yet. Once we have more news about this, we will let you know.

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Apologize for the late follow up here.

The infrastructure change mentioned above was how we host the content behind the CDN. We moved to a Cloud Native object store solution to allow for growth, scalability and resiliency that will last well into the future. Unfortunately - this did take away our ability to set up an rsync mirroring service.

My suggestion at this point is to build a script with some logic that checks for newly released builds periodically - using This file points to the latest build value released (in the latest format). With a detected change in that file’s value, you can download a build tree using wget recursively.