Clear Linux & TB4/USB4

I have some equipment on order that will contain a USB-C type “USB4” port.

When this equipment arrives, as always I will be testing Clear Linux on it.

From my research “USB4” and “Thunderbolt 4” are functionally interchangeable with the only exception being with the use of Windows which may (or may not) throttle the bandwidth to 20Gbps.

I understand any functionality/compatibility will be at the foremost, kernel release based.

Your source library shows your GA at kernel 5.58. (October 2022)

The kernel reference shows USB4/TB4 support currently in 6.1rc5

Even though Clear has deprecated its priority around desktop functionality, I will be testing USB4 around certain use cases that are not typically in a desktop.

Intel has been typically up to speed (no pun intended) on Thunderbolt support, just curious what the thoughts are from the Clear Linux team on its use.

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