Clear on VBox: can't find installation media

Hi, trying to install CL on VBox, but it can’t find the installation media: clear linux no media found for installation|690x318

Can you help?

Can you open a terminal and run lsblk what does it show?
Also double-check in your VM settings that a virtual disk was actually attached to the VM.

Hi, of course I have a vdi file for CL :slightly_smiling_face:, it’s 15GB

Here’s the lsblk output:

What does the installer log say? It should be in /root. @mhorn

EDIT: Oh, it may not be showing because the minimum requirement is 20GB when installing with the live-desktop. Follow the guide here to install:

@puneetse You found the issue, not meeting the minimum size requirements for a desktop install. We may add a command line flag to override that for “risk takers” in the future.