Clearlinux on distrowatch - entered 100 list

Clearlinux has entered the visible list on distrowatch :
Popularity (hits per day): 12 months: 119 (88), 6 months: 96 (128), 3 months: 77 (162), 4 weeks: 56 (200), 1 week: 50 (204)

Also there are some useful review of clear linux on that web site.


Definitely plenty of interest in Clear Linux. I first heard about it on a podcast, and I’m hearing it more and more.

Keep up the good work and make it one of the goto Distros.


I have the latest review… and my assessment about laptop touch not working is incorrect! It does work in Clear Linux. My initial test wasn’t enthusiastic enough… with Win10, it is very sensitive. In Clear, it is the right amount of sensitive: when I wanted to touch, it knew.

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Thank you for sharing! It is really awesome. :slight_smile: