Please May I known .How to setups Clear Linux for Daily Use.Especially for Normal User. Thank you

Please May

I known .
How to setups Clear Linux for Daily Use.
Especially for Normal User.

Thank you.


it’s not designed for beginner nor desktop usage.


I’m a beginner and I use it for desktop usage :smile:

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Thank you.
I Will try it.

Thank you.
But I want to try it.

Yes we should try.
One day
we also
will be power user. :grinning:


Well, it depends in your experiencie with computers I think.
I have never used Linux before, I was always a Windows user, but kinda understood how the WIndows OS worked, I guess I could be called a Power/Super User.

Clear Linux is my first Linux distribution, and to be honest, it isn’t hard to use, or at least, it’s much easier of what I was expecting coming from Windows and not really knowing LInux (in fact, I still believe that I don’t really know it haha).

I had some small problems here and there of course, such as Bluetooth file transfer, Hardware Acceleration in browsers (which it isn’t hard to enable), Wi-Fi, but in the end I managed to fix them all by googling them. If Google didn’t help, then I would ask here at the forums, the support is pretty nice here and the community helped a lot to solve the problems I had with the CL OS.

Overall, it is 1 or 2 months since I’m using CL as my daily driver, and I’m not having major issues with it. In fact, the only issue I may have is the lack of compatibility with some Windows programs such as Adobe Premiere for example, but you know, it’s not even technically a CL “problem”, but rather something that affects every OS that is not macOS/Windows.

I believe that if you want to use CL as a daily driver, you must learn some commands in the terminal, to give you an idea, I had some Wi-Fi problems with my Realtek card, which is the RTL8723BE, I have googled about it and I found it was a common issue among other Linux distros, I just followed the examples people did in Ubuntu distros and… voila! FIxed my problem that way.
In that case I had to use commands such as “modinfo rtl8723be” to check the parameters that the Wi-FI driver supported, after that I created a configuration file for it in the /etc/modprobe.d so I can tweak it, and yep, Wi-Fi started to work like it should.

In case you find you don’t have enough time to learn this, Windows is still a decent OS for a Normal/Standard user, you will have full program compatibility and you won’t need to use .rpms, or extract tar.gz and compile the programs, deal with dependencies, etc… (although you can use flatpaks).

So, basically, if you want to use CL because it has superior performance, more stability and the like compared to Windows, then you will probably need to learn commands to understand how CL works, probably the filesystem structure as well, since like you saw up there, I struggled with Wi-Fi in the past and had to use basic Terminal and FileSystem structure knowledge in order to fix it.

Otherwise, if you are not that interested in that and overall Windows works fine for you, then you can just keep using it, since it shouldn’t give you that much headaches as long you don’t do too advanced things with it I guess. (In my case, it was a pain because I liked to disable services like telemetry and other stuff… and well, the OS became unstable and I ended up ditching it. Once I saw Windows 11 is even worse than 10 in performance and stability, I just kissed Windows good-bye and here I’m am.)

TL;DR: Power/Super User: Use Linux.
Normal/Standard User: Use Windows.
Have time and patience to learn something new, even if you are a Normal/Standard User?: Try Linux.


Thank you very much Dapal
Thank you for details explain.
Your had kind heart.
Now I know
I don’t need to request for easy.
I need to learn command line for Lovely Clear Linux.

Now I install Clear Linux in my Laptop i3 and Desktop i5. I am start enter to Linux World .

I love Windows but Windows is lookalike Truck Car. It still Useful also give headache for maintained.
Clear Linux is Sports Car :grin:.
Fast and Smart also difficulty to Control.
I choice 2nd. I love Challenge.

Thank you for show the Way.
I must Run.
Bec I am too late to see the Goal.

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Welcome to CEARLINUX

  1. CL can be used by anyone who can use a PC. It works fine.

  2. the desktop versions are interesting for normal users like me

  3. Lists all bundles and shows the installed ones
    swupd bundle-list --all --status | less
    3.1 What is in the bundle desktop-dev ??
    sudo swupd bundle-list --deps=desktop-dev | more or less

  4. These are the desktops that you can use
    sudo swupd bundle-add xfce-desktop (i use it)
    sudo swupd bundle-add desktop-awesome (i use it)
    sudo swupd bundle-add desktop enlightenment
    sudo swupd bundle-add desktop-i3
    sudo swupd bundle-add desktop-kde
    sudo swupd bundle-add desktop-lxqt
    sudo swupd bundle-add desktop (gnome)
    sudo swupd bundle-add desktop apps
    sudo swupd bundle-add desktop apps extras

  5. wait a few days with the update because sometimes something doesn’t work.
    sudo swupd check-update
    sudo swupd update
    sudo systemctl disable autoupdate
    jump back with
    sudo swupd repair -V 35000
    sudo swupd repair -V 35000 --force --picky;; Attention !!, self-installed programs can be deleted

  6. Winodows Manager gdm, sddm or lightdm ;i use sddm
    6.1 sudo swupd bundle-add sddm (lightdm)
    6.2 sudo systemctl disable gdm
    6.3 sudo systemctl enable sddm
    6.4 sudo systemctl start sddm
    6.5 sudo systemctl reboot -i

  7. Here are a few useful utilities for the terminal:
    glances,mc,neofetch, xfce-terminal, xterm; xfce4-appfinder;stacer
    hardinfo, kate, CPU-X, bpytop, htop, meld, okular, gnome-system-monitor and …

  1. openssh , samba (you can go on the PC with Mobilphone app Termux in your on wlan)

command: ssh

Browser i use Opera , Vivaldi

Have fun with CL

Happy Christmas :de: :evergreen_tree: :snowman_with_snow: :desktop_computer:


ကျေးဇူး အများကြီး တင်ပါတယ်
Thank you very much.
Thank you for your detail explains.
Thanks for show the way.
I am fresher for Linux So your reply is very useful for me.
I shall try it.

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year 2022 :heart_eyes::santa::santa::santa:

happy christmas happy new year

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Thank you very much :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: