Clickpad support?

Hi there,
I have a thinkpad P1Gen2 with a pointer stick, left middle & right click buttons, and a clickpad that lets you push and feel a click anywhere on the pad, and the touch portion supports multitouch.
I was amazed everything worked out of the box, and that the only exception was the click part of the clickpad.

libinput debug-events remains silent when I perform these clicks.

I searched around and read (but cannot find again) a somewhat related thread wherein a CL dev suggested whatever touchpad support the OP was asking about required recompiling the kernel, that a specific flag had been disabled because event polling (iirc) causes slowdowns for micro context switching in cloud situations.

Any thoughts how I could enable the laptop clickpad in clearlinux?

Was this the thread?

@pixelgeek That’s the one! Thank you and nice job finding that article. So with that article as context I wonder if clickpad clicking is known to be disabled at the kernel level, or if I should look elsewhere for why this is disabled, or how to even diagnose this?

Anyone have pointers on clickpads in ClearLinux?