Chromebook keyboard not detected

Hello everyone,

I recently recovered my old Chromebook ASUS C202SA, based on Braswell platform, and erased the Chromebook firmware in favour of a full EFI image

I’m facing an issue with the keyboard detection (trackpad works) on Clear Linux that I haven’t seen with other distribution like Manjaro or Ubuntu.

Basically at boot and when logged in in the Gnome environment, keyboard is simply “missing” and the only option is connecting an external one.

Now, since Clear Linux is visibly faster and more responsive than others, and this is the only issue with the entire system, I was wondering if there is a quick solution to address what is affecting the keyboard in CL, compared to other distros where it works out of the box, so I can keep CL on it.

I noticed that the full EFI image flash utility mentioned an issue with the keyboard if firmware <4.13 was used but CL is using 5.5.6 so we should be covered on that :slight_smile:


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Same here on an Acer Chromebook 14 with coreboot.
Latest Kernel, no keyboard. I havent run into this problem on any other distro running <4.13.
@emacor79 have you found any solutions yet?

Not yet, unfortunately.

I added as well a few kernel options to address the keyboard chipset i8042 to no avail.

I was thinking at installing Clear by using additional available kernels to match, for example, the version that works with Ubuntu or Manjaro.

I hope one of them will include the needed fix