Compiling and installing

I would like to use the jabber-messenger Has anyone already successfully installed it on ClearLinux?

I suppose I need (at least) the package desktop-dev , but it is very extensive and maybe oversized. Maybe someone can give me a hint, who has already done this successfully.

The source code of is here:

I’ve filed an upstream issue with dino to get them to tag their releases. We should just bundle/add this to clearlinux.

There’s quite a few dependencies you need to build this. While desktop-dev is large, you need a good part of it and at that point I would suggest just to go with that.

I’m seeing right now if I caan just add it to ClearLinux…

Giving up for now. The signal plugin build code isn’t properly functional and fails to install the needed files. Building without it breaks entirely. This is too fragile right now and I’d prefer if they didn’t use git submodules for system libraries.

Thanks for your efforts. Meanwhile, I’m using Gajim…