Cpu fan control

I’m new to Clear Linux and tried it on my Asus ux360 laptop. everything works like a charm just the CPU fan keeps running all the time and I’m looking for instructions to setup and configure CPU fan control. I tried to build “notebook fan control”, but it seems clear Linux doesn’t support the required modules. any help in this regard or any other solution? thanks in advance.

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Can you check if the asus-nb-wmi kernel module is loaded? sudo lsmod | grep asus
If not, try to load it: sudo modprobe asus-nb-wmi

After that the standard utilities to manipulate fan speend should work (lm-sensors, tlp, thermald, etc).
This is good resource too: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Fan_speed_control#Asus_laptops

thanks for your reply.
yes, the asus-nb-wmi kernel module is loaded but none of the standard utilities like lm-sensors, tlp… changes fan speed on my system(they show fan speed but can’t change it). I’ve tried everything mention in https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Fan_speed_control#Asus_laptops
but none of them was successful.

Hi…I have 5 3 pin fans, 2 of them are working pretty nicely I think since they are at least listening to me, I found out that I can turn them off until something reaches temperature x, but I don’t hear any difference because one connected to CPU_OPT is running at full speed all the time
If what I’ve read is correct, I can control speed of 3 pin fans unless I connect one to CPU_OPT/FAN, then they have to be 4 pin, and one is not so that’s probably my issue.

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The functionality of fan headers depends on the specific motherboard/manufacture. You should look into the details in your system’s manual and UEFI. Some do offer DC speed control for 3-pin fans and sometimes it is only available on select 3-pin headers.