Daemon configuration and integration

I’d like to commend you all for taking on the task and being responsible for a respectable distro.

My queries are around such,

Do you plan on writing scripts, wizards, menus, panels etc for daemon configuration and integration akin to enterprise services?

I feel you are right on the mark with the work you’ve done thus far. Will the expertise and elegance extend I to this arena?

Also, how is progress in the DRM codec realm? (I had to change distros on my only compatible Intel machine (laptop) due to DRM support status, so can’t enjoy clear today)


We do want to make it a lot easier, but the difficult part is balancing “making it too easy” with “it gets in the way of professionals who know what they’re doing” as well as of course the time constraint we have for some of this work - Sometimes you can just spend endless time on making something easy to configure.

This will remain problematic unless content providers stop using patented codecs - there’s no simple fix we can do.

It’s actually really difficult to even make hardware accelerated decode/encode work, and of course not all hardware has the support. On top of that most of the applications just assume software codecs work (which we can’t offer) and so solving this problem really spans most of the media stack, making it time intensive to offer good solutions.