Davfs2 not compile / libneon not compile

Hi. I trying to install davfs2 on clearos VERSION_ID=33060 I can’t. The package doesn’t exists. I trying to compile but depends on libneon and libneon 30 don’t compiles well on clear os (gnutls-dev installed but he just can’t find him). Somebody have tried to install davfs2 on clear os and can help ?. Best Regards.

Did you see that ? https://github.com/clearlinux/distribution/issues/1450

But other distros have this, and some others make adaptions to gcc10.
I make it work getting the centos7_x86_64 binary and extracting their rpm and copying all dependences to the folder. libneon and webdav now is working.
Some of private clouds use webdav like resource to backup from vms client. If cloud is the target, focus on most databases and softwares versions use. If the distro only think in mainstream versions, the adoption will be slow because not all clients use. (mysql 5.6 and 5.7 is their to prove).
Anyway thanks for the answer. The centos tip is for people need to get software work without change the distro because of this.