Deep Learning Reference Stack TensorFlow Benchmark Tutorial

The Deep Learning Reference Stack reduces complexity common with deep learning software components, provides flexibility for customized solutions, and enables you to quickly prototype and deploy Deep Learning workloads. Use this tutorial to see how to run benchmarking workloads on your platform.


  • Install Clear Linux OS on your host system.
  • containers-basic bundle
  • cloud-native-basic bundle

In Clear Linux OS, containers-basic includes Docker*, which is required for TensorFlow and PyTorch benchmarking.

  1. Use the swupd utility to check if containers-basic and cloud-native-basic are present: sudo swupd bundle-list

  2. To install the containers-basic or cloud-native-basic bundles, enter: sudo swupd bundle-add containers-basic cloud-native-basic

  3. Docker is not started upon installation of the containers-basic bundle. To start Docker, enter: sudo systemctl start docker

Note: To ensure Kubernetes* is correctly installed and configured, follow the instructions in Run Kubernetes.

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