Directories/Mounts and their intended uses in Clear Linux?

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EDIT: Is there a way to upload a formatted table (in this case from MS Excel) without the formatting going all funky?

Been doing some reading, so I’ve summarised my understanding below, just to help collate the basics of some different documents. I’ve provided a link to the original source document to the best of my recollection. This is just a simple summary, but I wanted to see if any of my understanding was correct in terms of who owns what and the (roughly conventional/traditional) use of directories?

Where there is an overlap for a given directory, I’ve provided all the source links and separated the Ownership/Use fields with a ‘/’.

The two tables have the same information, first is just sorted by Mount/Dir, the second by Ownership/Use:

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Some of these can be consolidated if you look at the fact that they are symlinks to eachother ls -l /

I would call /usr/lib/kernel and /usr/lib/modules system owned still but whitelisted to allow custom kernels/modules.

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Good point, didn’t bother to think about what was symlinked. I’ll revise it when I have done so.

It’s really just intended to be a quick reference for new (Clear Linux at least) users as to where they can play, and where they should be avoiding.