[Display Resolution] Clear Linux Server, Virtualbox


I’ve been trying to get Vbox to resize automatically (if possible) the display resolution (the window) in ClearLinux server. I’ve installed the Guest Additions, and I’ve tried all of the possible combinations in Vbox (Maximum Guest Screen Size: None/Hint/ Automatic; Graphics Controller: None/VboxVGA/VMSVGA/VBoxSVGA; Video Memory: 32/64/128mb)

All of the configurations were stuck on 800x600, except by one, VMSVGA which was stuck on 1024x768.

If it’s not possible to resize the display automatically according to the size of the window, I would like to have it on my native screen resolution (1920x1080).

I’ve tried:

sudo mkdir -p /etc/kernel/cmdline.d/
echo “video=hyperv_fb:1920×1080” | sudo tee /etc/kernel/cmdline.d/hyperv-video.conf
sudo clr-boot-manager update

and also:

sudo xrandr -s 1920x1080

Clear Linux Kernel: 4.19.46-44.lts2018
Windows 10 Pro: 1809
VirtualBox: 6.0.8

i7 6700
GTX 1060TI

Thanks in advance

I’m not sure framebuffer resolution is configurable with VirtualBox and systemd-boot, which Clear Linux uses.

A simple solution would be to install openssh-server into the VM and then your SSH client could be natively resized.