Issues when installing Desktop version as a VBox VM

Currently, I am testing the ClearLinux OS for software development use, within a VM for a starter.

I am having an issue installing/running the OS using VBox version 6.0.8 r130520 (Qt5.9.5).

The vm bootstraps correctly from Live iso. However, the boot doesn’t complete where no interface (textual or graphical) is shown.

Note that when using VBox 5 and vm configured to use BIOS, Live iso works fine and can proceed to installation. After that however vm cannot bootstrap using the installation giving message: " fatal error: No bootable medium found!"

I did read the tutorial ( and believe I’ve correctly followed listed steps.

Any suggestions?


Sorry for the confusion. We’re in the process of improving the documentation and process around VirtualBox. I’d recommend using the live server from as the ISO to boot and install from.

You’ll need to enable EFI in the VM settings. Right now the installer will install in an EFI boot partition regardless of how it booted.

Thanks @puneetse for your quick reply.

Ok, I managed to install the server version of the OS following this tutorial

Could you please advice me how to install the GUI now?


swupd bundle-add desktop-autostart

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