Does Clear Linux support HDR?

I’m thinking about purchasing a NUC10i3FNH and a Sony X800H TV to use as a monitor.

I’m wondering if Clear Linux supports HDR with this setup?

The NUC seem to have this Core i3 CPU, which supports 4K resolution at 60Hz (i noticed in the datasheet that 4K over HDMI seem to only support 24Hz? may check this yourself). I’m no expert, but i guess the HDR feature is provided by a chip in the TV. I don’t now if there is some software to configure the TV or its color/picture settings. If this is the case, you may not be able to install the software on Linux, but maybe it is possible…or maybe you can setup the preferences with a smartphone app.

I would say…this isn’t a question that can be answered by a Clear Linux user/developer (except she/he uses the same TV).

The i3 supports 4k at 24hz over HDMI 1.4

The NUC10i3FNH supports 4k at 60hz over HDMI 2

I wonder if the following work was completed?