Dual boot - Win10 and Clear Linux - Clear Linux Installer don't detect partitions

I’m trying to make a Dual Boot with Win10.

  • I installed Win10 first.

  • Then I took the same partition and shrunk it.

  • After that I created these partitions CLR_BOOT, CLR_SWAP and CLR_ROOT.

But I still can’t select any installation media.

I tried following this pages:

  1. Dual Boot Win

  2. Dual Boot Tutorial

clrlinux@clr-live~ $ lsblk -po NAME,SIZE,TYPE,FSTYPE,PARTLABEL
/dev/loop0               2.7G loop squashfs 
/dev/sda               447.1G disk          
├─/dev/sda1               16M part ext4     Microsoft reserved partition
├─/dev/sda2            297.1G part ntfs     Basic data partition
├─/dev/sda3              512M part vfat     CLR_BOOT
├─/dev/sda4                4G part swap     CLR_SWAP
└─/dev/sda5            145.5G part ext4     CLR_ROOT
/dev/sdb                 7.2G disk          
├─/dev/sdb1              7.2G part exfat    
│ └─/dev/mapper/ventoy   2.9G dm            
└─/dev/sdb2               32M part vfat     
/dev/nvme0n1           232.9G disk          
├─/dev/nvme0n1p1       114.6G part ext4     sdfsdf
└─/dev/nvme0n1p2         150M part vfat     adfadsadfs

Hello BrunoXavier,
I don’t know why you are unable to select the Installation media. I guess you are using Ventoy.
I have installed CL many times with both CD and Pendrive with similar situation (dual boot).

I have used both of the installation method: 1. Safe Installation & 2. Advanced Installation.

  1. Option (Advanced Installation).** This method requires 3 Partitions namely CLR_BOOT(vfat >512M), CLR_ROOT & CLR_SWAP.

Whereas, 1 . (Safe Installation) is the Easiest of the available. For, Option 1 to work, just you need to have one EMPTY/ Unformatted Partition(>20G). Installer will detect the Empty partition & rest of the partition scheme/installation is take care by it. Hence, I call it Easiest & use this method.

I have been using Linux Distributions for more than ten years. CL is easier over other Linux Dist in terms of Partitioning, Boot Loader installation.

For beginners, I suggest to Install with 1 Option (Safe Installation).


Looks like this problem shows up with some particular NVME drives.

  • Check for BIOS updates on your motherboard
  • Check for firmware updates for the NVMe drive

Did you set the SATA controller to AHCI mode before you installed the operating system?

Changing this after installation can create problems like these.