Request for detailed YouTube tutorial for dual booting clear Linux and windows 10 in uefi

Can anyone (os developers or users anyone please help with this) make a step by step detailed YouTube video about dual booting clear Linux and windows 10 in uefi… Like how much gb of the space to be kept for root , filesystem for root, what mount point for root flag for root , then space for home, file system for home partition, what should be the mount point and the flag for home , like that a detailed step by step video… This would be a lot helpful for basic users who want to try out the os… please consider this…


Welcome @krish! Thanks for your request. I moved your post to our wishlist. Hopefully we will be able to attend that soon.

Was this ever resolved?

Not yet. The installer has been going through several rounds of improvements recently, many of which may help this situation. As the pace of change slows down, we’ll revisit this. I know it’s a common scenario that many people are looking for.
@bun.k.tan - is this something you can look into after your travels?