EFI in virt-manager

Does anyone know if the virt-manager bundle has the capability to boot virtual machines with EFI BIOS? I can get vm’s to boot but only have the regular BIOS. Wanted to check before I dug deeper into this.


@Eric_Duncan, I’m just now trying this out for the first time so bear with me…

I launched virt-manager and selected the file>New Virtual Machine and walked through the wizard:
Step 1: I selected Import existing disk image
Step 2: I selected the browse button and pointed it to a downloaded Clear Linux KVM image file that I had downloaded from the main website earlier. I then started typing “generic default” for the operating system type and selected that entry when I saw the correct value.
Step 3: I set memory to 2048 and CPUs to 1
Step 4: Give it a proper name and check the “Customize configuration before install”

This should bring up an installation dialog box that will allow you to change the Chipset and Firmware.
Change the firmware to “UEFI x86_64: /usr/share/qemu/OVMF.fd” and apply that change.

In the upper left hand corner of the dialog box, select “Begin Installation.” Installation should complete and Clear Linux will be running, with the cursor at the login: prompt.

Let me know how it goes!

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The key point as @TomL mentions is the “Customize configuration before Install” part:

To complement @TomL answer, this is what I did to boot a UEFI CLR-live desktop iso:

1 - Click on Create new virtual machine button

2 - Select the media option

E.g: I used the clear-31130-live-desktop.iso from clearlinux

3 - Configure the CPU and Memory to assing to your VM

4 - Create the virtual storage space for your VM if neccessary

5 - (IMPORTANT) click the Customize configuration before install check box and click the Finish button

6 - When customizing your setup, on the “overview” space, you can select the Firmware used to boot your VM, here you can select BIOS or UEFI boot.

7 - Profit !


Thank you! I didn’t see that step.