Esthetics: LUKS password entry in boot -> ugly ;-)


Is there a chance that the LUKS password entry -during the boot up- will get a nicer look. It works perfectly but…a little CL styled eye-candy-gui would be quite great.



I’ve always seen it be minimalistic because my understanding is that it has to be loaded in RAM before the regular OS to decrypt the disk and get to the regular kernel for full booting. So it would delay time to boot.

@william.douglas may know more

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I don’t have a real problem with the way it works now, as it does what it should.
I just compare the very basic console-style that CL has with the way other distro handle luks decryption window. The boot time into the gdm is for a luks user not really relevant as the booting is stopped anyway.
But maybe you meant that implementing a luks login would also delay non-luks boot ups…if that is the case, then I understand why CL does not have a “luks gui”.

In theory you could have a special flow for LUKS but it would be lower priority work for us at the moment compared to doing things like enabling lvm.