Not start new kernel

I’m using disk encryption.
At the moment, the new kernel org.clearlinux.native.6.9.3-1439 does not start at system startup.
That is, it is not possible to enter the password of the encrypted disk. But if you select the old kernel org.clearlinux.native.6.9.3-1437 at startup, the password can be entered and the system works.
Can you tell me how to fix this ?

Try :

sudo mkimage --kernel-image=/usr/lib/kernel/org.clearlinux.native.6.9.3-1439 --initramfs=/boot/initramfs-6.9.3-1439.img

initrd /boot/initramfs-6.9.3-1439.img

mkimage: command not found
root@clr-15dccd3bc18b40c79113add9344f0e23/home/angus # swupd search mkimage
Search failed, no reasonable results found

I can confirm this in kernel-preempt-rt, kernel-rt, kernel-ltscurrent. In the kernel-native it didn’t happen on my laptop.

I may not have written or described this situation correctly.
By default a new kernel is loaded, but at startup I have to write a password for the encrypted disk.
And at this moment the kernel does not read data from the keyboard.
It looks like the keyboard is not working.
But if you select the previous kernel when booting, everything works.

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It’s the same 4 me, but these kernels.