LUKS encryption prompt at boot time

I have a Lenovo Thinkpad T470S which I’ve installed Clear Linux. I’ve also opted to add encryption at installation time.

The quirky behavior is that if the prompt comes up and I enter the password successfully within, say, the first 10 seconds then the system will boot up properly and show the GDM login screen.

If I delay entering the LUKS password then the system will sit at the password entry TTY and never complete the boot process to the login screen. I need to force off, power on, then make sure to enter the password quickly.

Anyone ever encounter this, is there a special timing configuration that I need to set to a longer value?

Thanks, KT.

Are you saying this the behavior after you enter the encryption password? If you never enter the encryption password that is expected.

Try removing quiet from the kernel cmdline to see if that gives you any more information. man clr-boot-manager

Yes, I did the process to remove the quiet line. I don’t ever see the text prompt to enter the password like when quiet is enabled. I’m entering the password anyway and see what happens. Very slow systemd step(s) seems to be happening. I let it run for 10 minutes to see if it would boot by then.

Update. If I leave quiet in the boot options it will complete the boot process it takes about 9 minutes. Seems to be chewing up all of the time in spinning up systemd processes. If I update clr-boot with removing the quiet option it seems the boot takes about 15 minutes which is very annoying.

Anything that could point to why entering a LUKS password entry delay (>10s from when prompt shows up) would cause a huge delay in systemd startup time?

I can’t help, but maybe this thread can?