Exact Image Backup on Clear Linux

Dear members

I’m an IT Professional but a newbie in Linux environment ,I can easily follow instructions

my question is how to create an exact image of my setup in clear Linux , like bare metal backup or VSS backup .
for example I used Acronis in windows , is there any soft that can I use in Linux which has the same features as Acronis ?


This seems like it’s a generic Linux question, and not a Clear Linux OS specific question. Have you googled around for solutions and answers?

There are many different solutions. You can make bit-for-bit images with dd and alternatives, for instance. You could use rsync for remote dumps/backups. There are literally dozens of tools that offer backup solutions available.

thanks for your reply , I know it a generic Linux question

I don’t want to messe with the setup to I want a solution tht work 100% with clear Linux

Again, there are dozens of methods here you can choose from, none are particularly specific to any Linux distro. Maybe you can explain how you expect to consume these images later on. Do you need to clone them to another system?

Something like this gives you a nice, compressed raw image of a partition:

sudo dd if=/dev/sda1 | zstd > sda1.zstd

This should work 100% with any Linux.

You can make a clone of your storage device in whatever operating system as long as it recognize the filesystem.

Since you are an IT professional, you must know some tools for making clones in your preferred OS. You don’t have to do that in Linux.

I’d suggest Clonezilla. Probably as close to the software that you are used to using.

Acronis supports some Linux file systems as I understand, it may do what you want.

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