Failing for install "libc6" = invalid, skipping it

hi everyones ,

Im currently building kernel google common 6.1 for my phone and I see libc6 is missing and when I make tentative to install it by :

sudo swupd bundle-add libc6

its return error :

Loading required manifests…
Warning: Bundle “libc6” is invalid, skipping it…

what is the solution ? Im new user in clear linux I searched everywhere and I no find any solution …

our C library headers/etc are all in the “c-basic” bundle, together with the compiler and make and all that stuff so you should only need to install that bundle to get the one-stop-shop for this

thanks for your response but its already installed in my system , so they are bug in clear linux for this bundle.

its impossible to compile from any clang , google common 6.1 kernel

" ld.lld: error: undefined symbol: __isoc23_strtoul "

exatly same sources from other distro witch LLVM17 = compile fine.