Firewire Support?

I was wondering if this was ever to come. I tried building it using FFADO, but was having issues. I have a 24 bit 192khz a/d recorder I want to use with Audacity and Ardour. Also read… IS it built in with the kernel yet?

Then I would like to get Ardour going.

+1 I am also having problems installing ffado

I think it is integrated in with Linux Kernel these days. I just tried to get it going on Fedora and it worked as output for headphones, but never could I get inputs to work through ALSA. It froze my computer a lot and eventually fedora broke. Now I am on Clear Linux and I have turned it on via pcie x4 fire wire card and it is able to get power through bus and the lights flashed like it was connecting, but no option appeared in ALSA. And I just tryed to open Audacity and it doesn’t open which tells me there are some issues to deal with.

Ardour && Audacity plus ALSA do not detect firewire device despite having jack2 bundle installed