Getting Forticlient or OpenFortiGui to work on Clear Linux

Hi guys, is there any way to get Fortinet’s Forticlient or OpenFortiGui to work on Clear Linux? I need to support dozens of clients with Fortigates using the VPN functionality.

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Same problem! Blocker!

Hi, Clear Linux Team, please add this soft forticlient , or some other way to connect to fortivpn

Hello, will be great to have openforti working.

Hello, please test if it working

Installing all the prerequisite

sudo swupd bundle-add qt-basic-dev devpkg-openssl wget ImageMagick

QTKeychain library installation

cd ~/Downloads
git clone
cd qtkeychain
sudo make -j4 install 

OpenFortiGui compilation

cd ~/Downloads
git clone
cd openfortigui/openfortigui/
git clone
cd ..
cmake .
make -j4

Placing bin and creating shortcuts

sudo mv bin/openfortigui /usr/bin/
convert -background none -size 256x256  icon-openfortivpn1.svg openfortigui.png
sudo cp openfortigui.png /usr/share/icons/hicolor/256x256/apps/
echo -e "[Desktop Entry]\nType=Application\nName=OpenFortiGui\nIcon=openfortigui\nExec=/usr/bin/openfortigui\nTerminal=false\nCategories=Network;" > ~/.local/share/applications/openfortigui.desktop
update-desktop-database ~/.local/share/applications/

After relogin you will find them in Internet folder of applications


Great news. I will check this afternoon. Thank you @zoydberg for you time sharing this information.

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Not working for me… Any advice? Also, is it possible to convert OpenFortiVPN into an Appimage?

Its ok , there is no expected output. This command just forcing updating of gnome shortcuts.

Still not working. Hi Clear Linux Team, will you compile using latest version of OpenFortiGui? 0.9.3

What’s the exact error you see?

Hi there, I also really need to use forti vpn on clear linux. I get errors compiling it following the instructions mentioned above.

Would be really great if the Clear Linux Team could compile it.

Thanks & best